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Tom Sudano
Tom Sudano
About Terrace
926 Woodside Road
Redwood City
California 94061
369-7331 ext31
About Terrace Associates, Inc.
Terrace Associates has been a business in operation since 1954. Terrace
Associates, Inc. is one of the largest multi-unit property owners in all of
San Mateo County. This has always been an important part of Terrace
Associates, Inc. and its success. Our properties show a great sense in
pride and ownership in our community. These well-maintained and
managed buildings are an outstanding example of our firm and say a lot
about our expertise in our field of investment properties and investment
real Property in our Area.

We offer a unique and full-service Real Estate firm that is of the highest
standards in professionalism and knowledge in our industry. We take
pride in guiding our clients in the following:

  1. Exchanges, tax deferred, delayed, and Starker
  2. Property management
  3. Mortgage and trust deed investments
  4. Probates
  5. Trusts and Living Trusts
  6. Investment Groups
  7. Solid and proven investment strategies for acquiring,
    developing, and tax sheltering real estate

Terrace has a strong development background in subdivisions and
building. We have completed major subdivisions and have been involved
in new construction for many years. We own numerous large multi family
apartment buildings, duplexes, and rental homes.

Terrace Associates is one of the few real estate offices that can offer and
provide financing. This has been a tremendous benefit in assisting our
clients acquire properties. The building where our office is located is at
926 Woodside Road, which was custom built and developed by Terrace
Reality. It would be my pleasure to have you stop by and view our office
and Investment club facilities. Please don’t hesitate to call me if you have
any real estate questions or needs.

Tom Sudano
Real Estate Broker

Redwood City

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