I am totally focused on
my client's needs, and
I work to realize their
dreams as if they were
my own.
Tom Sudano
Terrace Associates
Tom Sudano
About Tom

Real Estate Experience and Expertise:

Single-family homes. Both lower end and multi million dollar price ranges.
Residential Income properties, and Commercial & Industrial.
Development, building, and major multi million dollar subdivisions. Subdivisions
include single-family homes, both custom and track. One subdivision marketed,
consisted of over 100 single-family homes.

I have listed and sold both mobile homes and mobile home parks.

Business Opportunities: Restaurants, Liquor Stores, Mixed-use properties, etc.

Office Buildings

Shopping and Strip Centers:

I have negotiated with many major Commercial Chains: MacDonald's, Safeway
Stores, Burger Kings, Marie Calendars and others.

I have completed numerous exchanges:

Starker Exchanges
Tax Deferred exchanges
Delayed Exchanges
Member of clubs and organizations:

  1. Realtors Multiple Listing Service Boards: Redwood City, San
    Carlos, Belmont, San Carlos, Woodside, Menlo Atherton, and
    Shasta County.
  2. Member of peninsula exchangers
  3. Redwood City ELKS Club
  4. Golden Gate Street Machines

Some Personal Interests are as Follows:
San Francisco Ballet, San Francisco Symphony, Arts, Travel, and Golf. I support
the local schools and Children programs. American cancer Society, Golden Gate
Street machines, Ronald MacDonald Children’s Hospital, California School for
the Blind, San Mateo County Special Olympics, The American society for
prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), World Wild Life Fund (WWLF), and the
VFW. I feel people who become involved, really can make a difference. I am
always open to new ideas in helping the world we live in and our community
become a better place to live.


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